mobbsy suggested I post here - concert on 18th August to celebrate my 40th birthday.

A kaleidoscope of music from the 16th to 20th centuries, some stuff you know, some stuff you don't and madrigals about fish. Celebrating 40 years of me and more than 40 years of music with a choir of 16 hand-picked singers and conducted by Nick Robinson.

Includes works by Blow, Purcell, Gibbons, Vaughan Williams, Kastalsky, Guerrero, Andrea Gabrieli, Schuetz and Schelle.

Confirmed date 18 August 2013. Concert 8pm at St Peter's Church, St Albans.

Tickets £10 on the door (mainly because I have to pay the singers!). Bring your friends if you like!


Still alive.

Had some nice music making with raketje and friends the other week. May post links in due course. Also have an embarrassing and probably unreciprocated crush, but hey.

Quick update.

Not round here much at all now.
Still singing, working, playing LOTRO.
Probably best to get me on Facebook if you want to keep in regular touch.
See some of you at DWCon.


If you'd like a card from me but think I've forgotten your address please leave a comment (screened, of course).

A reminder.

Mastermind episode tomorrow, 8pm, BBC2.

Mastermind screening:

Just got the following from Auntie Beeb:

Your first record will go out on Friday 2nd December on BBC 2 @ 2000.

So anyone who feels like it, please set your video recorders. Or if outside the UK, tunnel through to somewhere like chiark and watch it on iPlayer :-P

Possible Christmas party.

If I was to put something down at the Caves for either the 27th or 28th Dec, would you come? I have some (limited) crash space.

Alternatively, what about the same dates somewhere in London?

Comments screened.

The world is crap right now.

I hope all who are in or near areas affected by the rioting are safe, and that the scum causing it are disciplined vigorously.

An economics question: if all these countries are in debt, to whom do they owe the money? I thought that it was essentially a zero-sum game - if person A owes money to person B, person B cannot then at the same time owe money to person A - but it seems not. I am a mole of little brain and do not understand.

Damn you, grrm.

Damn you for making us care about characters... if there's a lesson of A Song of Ice and Fire, it's that the people you like will end up DEAD IN GRUESOME WAYS.

This isn't really a spoiler as it relates to so many of them...

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